We foster an environment of inquiry and a love of learning so students are prepared to thrive in college and the world by offering high-quality, college-prep, STEM education.


Our school provides opportunities for students to gain skills and knowledge to thrive in and enhance future academic, professional, and community settings.

Core Values

Horizon Science Academy’s educational program is guided by five Core Values that define and shape the culture and environment within our school.

Our goal is to help students and their families better visualize, recognize and support the development of these values within our community.

Honoring Diversity- Members of the school community celebrate their similarities and differences and treat each other with kindness and fairness. HSA foster’s each child’s sense of individuality and sense of belonging to their school community.

Accountability-HSA School community members accept responsibility for their actions and what needs to be done, as well as, for who we are and our character.

Willingness-Staff, students, and parents are ready, eager, and prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a member of the HSA community.

Kindness-Members of the school community are considerate of others and conduct themselves in a manner that respects the roles, responsibilities, and rights of everyone in the school community.

Safety-HSA School community members promote the Intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of others.